Quality Life Center of Southwest FL

Here is what they said:

To The Entire ISG Crew,
Congratulations on an incredibly well done job.  You are all to be commended for this outstanding and painstaking work.  I know there was quite a lot of involvement and it was on a voluntarily basis.
On behalf of the Board Members, the QLC Staff, and really the Dunbar community, I thank you all very much.  You’re the tops!!!

Martin Haas, President
Entech Computer Services

Good afternoon Charley, we at QLC cannot tell you how excited we are for the great work that you’ve accomplished in establishing our website, but I’m going to try. The capability you’re extending to Heather to revise, update, and to simply make changes to the site is fantastic. When you committed to this project we were optimistic and now, to see the fruits of our discussions from months past come to reality is truly inspiring to see. It’s not only the site and its professionalism, but the possibilities that will come to us, G’D willing. By training Heather gives us not just a presence in cyber space; it gives us expression to have meaningful interaction with the world. Charlie, we thank you and your great team for your gracious philanthropy.  We have been recently blessed to have Chris Spiro and Associates on board to assist us in marketing QLC. The timing of the completion of the website and Chris’s involvement will give us the momentum to serve an increased number of children with quality programs and services as we meet the growing needs of children we see in the neighbors’ everyday.

With Appreciation
Abdul' Haq Muhammed
Executive Director
Quality Life Center of Southwest Florida, Inc.