Jesse Thomas Music

Jesse Thomas Music

ISG brings Jesse's (and his manager's) vision to life!

Imagine being a musician with two amazing talents:

  1. Songwriting,
  2. Having the voice to deliver those songs with a real impact.

Welcome to Jesse's world.

In our initial meeting with Jesse, and his manager, Steve, we drew an extensive list of goals:

  • Create a web site that is a true extension of Jesse's being. His theme, his style, and his voice - following the style of trendy musician sites today (street team, bio, gallery).
  • Create, produce, direct, and post-produce a music video for his hit song, Satellite.
  • Allow Jesse, and his management team, the ability to update every part of his web site (music, text, photos, videos, events, etc) without having to know "web programming", and with the click of a button.

Our Approach


For starters, we divided our project into two projects.

  1. The Web Site
  2. The Music Video

As with all of our web related projects, our first priority is to finalize the design or "look" of the new site.


Once their choice for the finalized look was confirmed - we began building their site using our ISG Web Framework technology (the ISG Web Framework is the underlying technology we invented which provides the foundation for our ISG Content Manager).

Training & Content Fill:

As soon as construction was complete and the ISG Content Manager was in place for the site, we worked with Jesse, and his manager, to properly content fill his web site.

The entire time they were able to view their soon-to-be released site at a hidden web address.

The Results

We proudly debuted Jesse's web site in April 2007.

Jesse said "I want to thank you guys for keeping it real - the web site is absolutely an extension of who I am. Remember - "Speak truth, Stay real, Be happy."

If you are interested in a web site, or music video, like Jesse's please Contact Us.