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There are many different reasons why people decide get fit. If you’re thinking of getting started with running, swimming, biking, or fitness training in general, or taking your training to the next level…

Angie Ferguson, with GearedUp, can help you!

Angie specializes in fitness training, and triathlon training, and an All American ranked USA Level II Advanced Triathlon and USA Cycling Coach.

A list of her services include:

Angie Ferguson also gives you some of her insight into Triathlon Training by offering you her eBooks for FREE!

Angie Ferguson, the owner of Geared Up is no stranger to the field of exercise and fitness. With over 22 years of comprehensive experience, she has been both the trainee and the coach. While her education and training facilitate wellness, health and optimal training, her specialized background includes a rehabilitative and therapeutic approach to fitness that allows her to work with elite level and recreational athletes, sports injuries, and special populations.

If you’re still entertaining the idea of triathlon training, you can learn more by visiting Angie Ferguson’s Triathlon Training is Fun blog. Otherwise, it’s time to get GEARED UP! To get started, contact Geared Up Multisport Specialists or call (239) 246-2920.