Billy's Bike Rentals & Segway Tours

"With my new web site, I'm getting triple the visits of the same time last year, and a dozen orders each day!"
- Billy Kirkland, Sanibel Island, Florida

Billy's Bike Rentals & Segway Tours

Billy Kirkland started 30 years ago with a beach chair and sailboat rental operation on Fort Myers Beach.  Now, you can find him helping people experience Sanibel Island in the way it was meant to be experienced...sightseeing on a leisurely bike ride, taking an environmentally friendly Segway tour, or simply lounging in the shade of an umbrella, listening to the sounds of nature!

At Billy's Rentals, they rent a wide variety of bicycles, surreys, scooters, beach chairs, umbrellas...and more! Billy has been renting and selling bikes, along with other forms of personal transportation, for the past 20 years.  In January of 2005, Billy opened Billy's Bikes & Segway of Sanibel. Located across the street from Billy's Rentals, it offers eco friendly tours of Sanibel on the newest form of personal transportation, the Segway HT. The store is also stocked with new and used bicycles for sale and a full service bike repair shop with bike accesssories.

Billy's Bike Rentals & Segway Tours Web Site Features

The web site for Billy's Bike Rentals & Segway Tours was designed so that the visitor arrives at the initial homepage, then may either enter the Billy's Bikes & Rentals site or the Segway of Sanibel site. 

Billy's Bikes & Rentals web site provides features such as:

Segway of Sanibel Web Site Features

The Segway of Sanibel web site features a short, entertaining video gives visitors the opportunity to view a Segway tour first hand!  There is also a short video feature with Billy Kirkland on the new Segway i2 model.  In addition, the web site offers features such as:

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