Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club

"You can truly work wonders.  We were very impressed.  Having never done anything like that before I was worried about being on video but you made it very professional.  Thanks!"
- Charlie & Anna, Stars of BayWater Video Testimonial, Florida

Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club

Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club allows you to enjoy all the perks of owning a boat, without all of the hassle and expenses!  As a member, you will have access to a limitless spectrum of worry-free boating for less than it might cost to own your own boat. Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club takes care of the storage, insurance, cleaning, general maintenance and upkeep.  Members also receive free ice, on-site parking, dock carts, and a free coast guard safety course.  With 15 boats to call your own and 10:1 member to boat ratio, boating will never be the same!

Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club Web Site Features

The web site for Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club features short video clips on various pages throughout the site which allow visitors to learn about the boat club through motion, pictures, and sound.   get a panoramic view of the amazing scenery.  Visitors to the site can also view interviews with current boat club members.  In addition, the site provides:

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