Internet Marketing Company Sponsors "Reading is HUGE" Contest at Riverdale High School



  • Internet marketing company, Internet Services Group of Florida and member of Quality Service Pros, has teamed up with other QSPROS members to sponsor the “Reading is Huge” contest at Riverdale High School, in Ft. Myers. The entire school has read over 2000 books, in the hopes of winning an iPad or Kindle Fire.

Charly Caldwell II
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SOUTHWEST FLORIDA—March 30, 2012 — Internet marketing company, Internet Services Group is a member of Quality Service Pros, an online resource for finding prescreened, licensed, qualified service professionals in, Southwest Florida and proud sponsor of the “Reading is Huge” contest at Riverdale High School, in Ft. Myers. The contest is designed to encourage young people and teachers alike to expand their horizons through reading. Each book read corresponds to a chance to win an iPad or a Kindle Fire.

“Success is a choice,” is the motto of Riverdale High School. Charly Caldwell II, owner of Internet Services Group is passionate about seeing young people succeed. A lifelong learner himself, Caldwell believes in “paying it forward” by empowering people through knowledge; so when the owner of Quality Services Pros, Jason Evers, asked member companies to donate, Caldwell was right there. Their efforts so far have provided, two Kindle Fires, one iPad and additional monies for more prizes, to the “Reading is Huge” contest.

“We believe in bringing excellence into everything that we do, at Internet Services Group and we want young people to realize the industry and excellence inside of themselves,” said Caldwell. “We know that the future leaders of this community are being educated right now. We want to give them every chance to thrive and to always keep learning.”

As of the end of March, the “Reading is Huge” contest has motivated the entire high school to read over 2000 books; a number that is sure to continue climbing as the contest date draws near.

Assistant principal Ed Matthews added, “It is absolutely amazing what has happened here at RDHS. It’s Huge! It is about whatever helps children be successful. Quality Service Pros are an amazing group of people; they are the ones making it happen.”

The member companies of QSPROS are accomplished business professionals who get excited about helping young people set goals and be successful. They remain strong supporters of reading, as evidenced by the donations that continue to be collected at their monthly meetings. Their goal is to support this program each school year. The “Reading is Huge” contest has ignited a spark throughout RDHS, promoting diligence and achievement by providing young people incentives to keep learning!

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